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How to Find a Live Dealer for Blackjack Online Finding a live dealer for Blackjack online can be tough. Here's how to find a live dealer that you'll love and that lets you enjoy your favorite game!

In the past, you may have enjoyed spending some time in the casino playing games like roulette or blackjack. Now, thanks to technological innovation , the casino can come to you.

Your favorite table games are able to be streamed live and bets can be made digitally. There has never been an easier time to play live dealer blackjack. You can now practice your blackjack skills and have a bit of fun gambling while sitting at home in your pajamas.

The challenge is finding a live dealer blackjack that has everything you're looking for. Below you are going to find a guide of what to look for when it comes to an online blackjack live dealer. Get ready to hit the blackjack tables after checking out our useful tips.

Safety is Key


Whenever you're doing something that involves your personal funds, you always want to take the time to check both the safety, security and terms of a site before using it. Also, before signing up on a Blackjack site, take the time to check out the rules and regulations that all users must adhere to.

In these regulations, it should be outlined what the outcome will be in situations that may arise during a blackjack game. You also want to ensure the site has a valid license used for gaming.

If they don't have  a valid license , we recommend finding another site to use. It's also helpful if you know what company is running the site. If it is a company you've never heard of before, you can always take the time to scroll through some reviews to gather a better understanding of how the company conducts business.

Lastly, inquire about the live casinos that the site works with. Knowing what casinos they've partnered with will further help you establish the credibility of the dealer. Then you can move forward with deciding if you'd like to set up an account or continue your online dealer search.

If the site seems unsafe or doesn't play by the rules, steer clear at all costs. The last thing you want to do is get scammed and lose your money without being able to get it back.

When a site is running a scam after they've collected your money, it will be very difficult to retrieve the funds.

Are There Any Promotions?

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If you're someone that enjoys playing more than one game at a time or want to play multiple games in a day, you'll want to look for an online dealer that offers promotions to play. These promotions may change weekly, monthly, and sometimes daily depending on the site that you're using.

Again take the time to thoroughly read through the requirements for each promotion that you're offered. This is to ensure that it's fair and you won't be left trying to play a game that you've already lost.

Some standard promotions or deals that you'll want to keep a lookout for include lower deposit minimums. Some blackjack games require you to make a specific deposit to begin playing the game.

Not everyone wants to put that amount of money in just to begin play. With a lower amount, you can decrease the risk of losing all your money in the event that something on the site goes wrong.

Another useful promotion to look for is fair bonuses. These are beneficial because it gives the player an increased chance of keeping their money, especially when they've won. Each online dealer will offer their own set of bonuses; for example, the  live dealers in Mexico  aren't going to have the same promotional ads as the live dealers in India.

Nonetheless, we are sure whatever the bonuses and promotions are that the site offers, you'll thoroughly enjoy them as they enhance the overall online blackjack experience.

Game Variety

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We understand that your sole purpose for finding and selecting the best online live dealer blackjack is to play blackjack. But, we strongly urge you to choose a dealer that offers game variety.

There are going to be times when you want to practice playing other games versus entirely focusing on blackjack, and that's where the game variety comes into play. If playing other games doesn't catch your attention, but you're into things like cryptocurrencies, you'll want to select a dealer that offers you access to things like being able to deposit with Bitcoin .

Payout Options

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This is probably one of the most essential things to keep in mind when you're searching for an online dealer to use. Why is this, you may be wondering? If you select a dealer that doesn't have a payout option you currently have access to, you might not be able to withdraw your funds. Not all online casinos let you withdraw the same way you deposited.

The upside to an online dealer that offers various methods of payout is you can use one that will work the best for your specific location.

Remember you must deposit funds before beginning games because you'll need to meet the minimum wager requirements to get a seat at the table. We've listed some of the most common ways that players can fund their blackjack account in some of our country specific articles like the one for Canada .

Mobile Compatibility

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The last thing you're going to want to look into when searching for a reputable dealer is one that has an app that's compatible with your mobile device. You're not always going to have access to a computer desk and monitor to play blackjack, but that shouldn't stop you from playing.

You'll want to ensure the live dealer you've selected works well with any device that you're using. This means that the app doesn't have any strange distortions when it comes to images, text, or audio when you're using it on something other than your computer.

Before downloading the app, you should be able to locate a section that lets you know whether it will work well with your device specifying if it's compatible with IOS or/and Android devices.

You must be in a country that allows online gambling apps. Otherwise you won't be able to find it in the app stores.

Playing With a Live Dealer Blackjack

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Playing with a blackjack live dealer can be exciting and intriguing because it is unique from what you would find in a normal casino.

Remember some of the tips we have provided in this article like taking the time to ensure that the online dealer offers high quality bonuses. You'll also want to take note of whether or not the site has a valid gaming licensure that they use and appropriate deposit and withdrawal methods. Once you've taken these things in to account, you'll be all ready to try your luck at the tables.

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