Learn a Simple Blackjack Strategy

Our free blackjack course teaches you how to play blackjack like a professional.

Welcome to the simple blackjack strategy course! Take your blackjack skills to the next level with our 6 lesson free course. You will find blackjack videos, charts and practice activities to help you.
Dealing hands at a blackjack table.

Counting cards in blackjack is an exciting skill to learn. You do not have to be a genius to learn the skills required to beat the dealer. You start by learning the card counting basics and then practice. Click on one of the lessons above to start now.

What's Covered?

The course is specific and brief intentionally. This is to avoid learning things you don't need, so you can spend your time on what's actually important in being a successful card counter: practice.

The course teaches a variation of the classic Hi-Lo counting method. There is also some original tips from the instructor that he has picked up during his time at the tables. Some tip examples include:

  • Chip method that can be used to track the running count while talking to dealers and other players.
  • Consider playing a more aggressive betting strategy with the current state of live casino security.
  • Aggressive table selection and rotation when playing.

The course lessons go through basic strategy, advanced strategy, tracking the running count, calculating the true count, betting strategy and bankroll management. There's also implement all these concepts in a practical way during the course activities.

The course lessons have instructional videos and practice exercises. You will also be provided with a number of downloadable blackjack charts to use.

About the Instructor

Nick Kenneth Professional Card Counter & Instructor

The course is taught by an actual professional blackjack player who has more than five years experience counting cards. The simple blackjack strategy that is taught has been put into practice in more than ten casinos across three different countries.

Required knowledge and prerequisites

Here are some things you should know before taking the course:

  • You need to have played blackjack before and know the basic rules. E.g. you should know what hit, stand, split, insurance and double are.
  • You must be legally allowed to play blackjack in your country and be the legally age by law. The practice parts of the course involve back watching real people gambling.
  • You need to have some poker chips or coins available. This is for when we practice bet-sizing towards the end of the course.
  • This blackjack course teaches you a simple blackjack strategy that can be used in live casinos. It is not suitable for online live dealer blackjack for reasons we will discuss in depth throughout the course: poor cut depth of shoe, slow dealing and they are too quick to ban you and potentially keep your money.

Some Benefits of Learning Card Counting

Here are a few of the potential good things:

  • You can have an edge over the casino for once.
  • You can have casino hotels comped based on your play.
  • You can qualify for casino rewards like trips on yachts, food and alcohol from fancy restaurants, boxes at the races or sporting events and more.

Some Drawbacks of Learning to Count Cards

Here are a few of the potential bad things:

  • It takes a lot of time, practice and dedication to get good enough to make money.
  • Casinos restrict you to minimum bets or ban you completely from their venue when they catch you.
  • Even the best players have downswings and lose money. You only have a thin edge against the casino, so variance can be high. There is a risk of ruin (going broke) that needs to be accepted.

Simple Blackjack Strategy Questions and Answers

Do I get to actually play blackjack in this course?

Yes, you will get to practice your skills on real blackjack games but there is no actual gambling in the course. You should not start betting money until you are confident enough to not make mistakes. You have a very thin edge against the house to make money, so you have to make sure your skills are sharp.

How can people win in a blackjack without counting?

There is no way to win money in blackjack without counting cards and raising your bets when it becomes profitable. Learning basic strategy will lessen the houses edge but you will still be loosing money in the long term.

In the game of blackjack, the majority of time the player is mathematically loosing to the dealer. At certain times however, when a number of low cards have been dealt, the advantage shifts back to the player.

What is the best blackjack strategy chart?

This course providers you with a number of blackjack charts to use during the lessons and your own practice. This includes three basic strategy charts, an advanced strategy chart, a running count chart, a true count chart and a betting size chart. You use these charts during the practice parts of the course until your confident playing without them.

What are the best strategies to play blackjack online?

As mentioned already, this course is not for online blackjack because of the unfavorable conditions. It is for live casinos where you can find good shoe cuts, get more hands in with a faster dealer and can evade casino heat more effectively. If you want to play online, play for fun. We offer a number of blackjack directories like our bitcoin blackjack page if you're interested. Always gamble responsibly.

How do you calculate the odds of winning in Blackjack?

We discuss odds of winning in the bankroll and bet sizing sections at the end of the course. Your bankroll and how much you bet is all based around your long term odds of winning or edge against the house. If you're also interested in some of the regular probability of getting any too cards, here's a discussion of blackjack probability from a math site.

How many decks of cards is this simple blackjack strategy for?

This course instructs you on how to play 6-deck and 8-deck games of blackjack. Preferably 6-deck though to increase playing time with favorable true counts. The practical exercises in the course will be on these shoe sizes. Once you learn this strategy, you can branch out into different games like the single deck game.

There are also different counting methods other than the one taught in this course that you can move on to. This simple blackjack course will give you a good introduction to the world of card counting.

Good Luck with the course and at the tables!