Is Bitcoin Blackjack Available in Your Country?

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Find and Play Bitcoin Blackjack in You Country Now Virtual currency combined with virtual casinos could be the future. Benefits include anonymity, decreased transfer fees, more security and quicker payout times.

If you enjoy Blackjack you will absolutely love Bitcoin Blackjack and Blackjack Pal is here to guide you through the basics! We will share some useful information on Bitcoin, a few basics on how blackjack is played, and then tell you why Bitcoin and Blackjack go so well together.

Bitcoin Blackjack adds so much more to the whole experience in terms of convenience and turn-around times.

A few years ago online gambling involved making an electronic payment and then waiting a few days for the funds to clear so that you have credit in your online gambling account. Then came the Credit card function for deposits, which meant funds are automatically deducted from your credit card and funded to your online gambling profile. However, this still took a hours of waiting to get on your favorite game of choice.

Things have changed yet again... Introducing Bitcoin Blackjack.

What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin was invented in 2008, when a white paper was released by an anonymous person calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, it has grown exponentially with more than 60 million blockchain wallet users worldwide as of late 2020.

Cryptocurrency is digital and used worldwide which makes it an ideal payment source. The United States has the most bitcoin users globally. Bitcoin ownership doubled in 2019 in the United States with more than 36.5 million people there owning it. Other countries that follow the US include:

  • Romania

  • The Czech Republic

  • China

  • Spain

  • Poland

  • Turkey

  • Japan

  • Switzerland

  • South Korea

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin?

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By using Bitcoin players have the advantage of :

  1. Lower fees compared to credit card or wire transfer transactions

  2. Instant deposits into their gambling accounts compared to the longer waiting times of traditional deposits.

  3. Transactions are transparent because Bitcoin is decentralized. This means that you can see what is paid out and what has been received.

  4. Anonymity for your transactions and no need for third parties like banks to get involved. In some cases you don't even need to enter any personal details to play.

  5. Bitcoin is secure as it is protected by blockchain technology. 

At the moment there are only a few retailers that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment but this is bound to change in the near future as the world is realizing the benefits of cryptocurrency and everyone is eager to benefit from it.

How to Play Blackjack.

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When you combine bitcoin with the fascinating game of Blackjack, you have a winning combination (excuse the pun).

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos (physical and virtual) and caters to experienced players as well as someone just starting out. Blackjack also has one of the lowest house edges around 1% when you play well. House edge is used to describe the statistical advantages that the blackjack dealer would have.

Before you start playing familiarize yourself with the rules of Blackjack as they are easy to understand and you will enjoy the game even more:

  • You and the dealer both get dealt 2 cards each, the difference is that both your cards are facing up whereas the dealer only has one card facing up. The dealer always acts last and this is an advantage as you can bust before they even try and get to 21. This means you have to play the right strategy to try and make the dealer play.

  • You then have a few options: Hit, Double, Stand down, Split, Surrender and Insurance.

    • Hit means the dealer will deal you another card to your current hand. 

    • Double means that you want to double your bet.

    • Stand means that you do not want any more cards dealt to your hand.

    • Split means the first 2 cards dealt split into two more hands.

    • Surrender means you give your hand before you play it because you think it is weak. It is dependent on the game rules but usually the dealer will take 50% of your bet and return the remaining balance to you for a surrender.

    • Insurance is where you put a side bet down incase the dealer gets an Ace.

  • Card values are easy to remember :

    • Face cards (King, Queen, and Jack) = 10 points.

    • Ace can be taken as 1 point or 11 points.

    • All number cards represent the value on the card.

  • If you and the dealer draw then nobody wins but this rule varies depending on the casino you're playing at.

The main objective is to ensure that your hand is better than the dealer's hand. To do this your hand needs to equal, or be closer to, 21 WITHOUT exceeding 21.

Find a Casino to Deposit and Play Bitcoin Blackjack.

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Blackjack has a long history dating back to the 17th century and it is a fascinating game combining skill and luck. Now the same great game has moved into the embraced modern times with Bitcoin Blackjack. Blackjack Pal has a number of online casinos in this directory for you to choose from. Good luck at the tables.