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Here is a list of sites that provide online live blackjack dealers.

Websites that show on our directory must meet our benchmark standards in brand reputation, fair odds, software, customer service and payout speed.

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How to Find the Best Online Live Dealer Blackjack in the United States If you've been on the hunt for the best online live dealer blackjack in the United States, this article is for you. Learn everything you need to know!

Most likely first played in French casinos  around 1700 , blackjack has remained a popular card game across the world. 

Today, there are hundreds of websites offering live dealer blackjack. No two sites or their versions of blackjack are the same. Although games may have the same rules, there can be a gap in quality, interface, and the overall aesthetics of the game.

For these reasons, it's vital not to venture into the world of online blackjack alone. This is especially true if you're new to online gambling in the first place. 

If you've been curious about live dealer blackjack in the United States, keep reading for a guide to getting started.

What Is Live Dealer Blackjack?

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Playing blackjack in a traditional casino is an experience that can never be genuinely matched. However, live blackjack is the best possible way to imitate the experience of playing in a land-based casino.

Even better, you can enjoy playing blackjack in the comfort of your home or practically anywhere else you choose. Online casinos also offer the added benefits of bonuses and promotions you won't find at a traditional casino. 

Playing live dealer blackjack online is simply more convenient and offers more perks than  traveling to a brick-and-mortar  casino.

The rules of blackjack will be the similar no matter where you choose to play. However, you'll find a greater game variety online. Your local casino most likely only has one or two tables available but online there will be several. 

How Live Blackjack Works

When you visit an online casino and join a game of live dealer blackjack on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you'll see a virtual gaming table. You can use the table to place bets. You'll also see a video box on the game screen that shows you live gaming action.

It may be hard to believe, but the video you're seeing is not pre-recorded. The casino's software doesn't generate the game you're playing. You are watching a game that's being played live either at a land-based casino or gaming studio. You're placing real bets on that game. 

If you have doubts, you can interact with the croupier through a chatbox that's conveniently on your screen. 

Is Playing Blackjack Online Legal?


The idea that gambling is illegal at the federal level likely came from a misinterpretation of the  Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act  of 2006. 

The act states that banks are prohibited from knowingly accepting transactions that are a result of an illegal online bet. It doesn't, however, state in any way that it's illegal for a player to place a bet online.

Some people also think it's illegal because of the  Federal Wire Act . This act is related to sports betting and does not seem to apply to online blackjack, as they are different forms of gambling.

It's confusing to determine the legality of online gambling because most states don't have specific laws that apply explicitly to online gambling. If the state you reside in doesn't have a specific law prohibiting it, then there probably isn't any law enforcement enforcing it.

There are three states, however, that have passed laws explicitly for allowing online gambling. They are:

  • Delaware

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania 

If you live in one of these states, you shouldn't use one of the sites you see here on Blackjack Pal. Instead, you should find out which sites are legalized explicitly in your state. 

  • Although Blackjack Pal has researched this info to a high standard, we are not qualified legal experts. You should seek advice from a legal professional about your specific situation if you are unsure. See Blackjack Pal Terms of Service for our full legal disclaimer.

What to Consider Before Playing Online Blackjack

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Apart from strategy, there are a few things you must consider before stepping into the world of online blackjack. Live dealer blackjack is different in that it requires attention to a few things regular blackjack does not. 

Internet Connection

You want to avoid being cut out of an online game because of a slow or lost internet connection. If you experience technical issues, you'll immediately lose in the betting round. 

With a stable internet connection, you can better enjoy the crystal clear HD quality of live blackjack. What's the point in playing with a live dealer if you're experiencing low video and sound quality?

Device Hardware

Due to the live nature of the game, live blackjack is a little more demanding than regular online blackjack. You must use a device that's capable of supporting the game. 

If you're playing on a relatively new computer or mobile device, you likely won't encounter any problems. However, you should at least do your research on the minimum requirements. 

Stake Limits

Before gambling online in any fashion, you must set your gambling budget. Determine how much money you're willing to risk while playing. This determination will help you decide on your stake limits. 

Ideal for beginners, some live blackjack games have moderately low stake limits. VIP live blackjack, however, is reserved for high-rollers who are willing to spend several hundred dollars per round.

How to Find the Best Online Casinos in the US

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Several factors go into choosing the right live dealer blackjack casino. Here are the criteria we use to vet the casino sites we recommend. 

Licensing and Safety

Always check to ensure that an official regulatory body licenses the casino you choose. Their services should provide users with all necessary security measures regarding monetary transactions and personal information.

Game Variety

Depending on the website, you might find several types of live dealer blackjack games available. Each game will have slightly different rules and betting options, so review your selections carefully.

Live Blackjack Bonuses

You'll find fantastic welcome bonuses that you can use to play live blackjack in addition to other casino games. 

Bonuses and promotions will come in many shapes and sizes. You'll find welcome bonuses for your first deposit, free spins, reload bonuses, and more. With extra bankroll, you can play additional games with more chances to win. 

Live blackjack is a real money game, so you'll be required to make a deposit anyway. You should take advantage of any match bonus to receive extra funds. Make sure you check the specific requirements of the deposit bonus you take. They vary from casino to casino. These include:

  • Look for turn over requirements for your bets before withdrawing. This is how much you need to play before they approve withdrawals.

  • What game restrictions does the bonus have? There is not point getting a poker bonus if you can't play blackjack with it. So, make sure the terms and conditions of the bonus include live dealer games. 

  • Are there identity verification requirements?

  • Are there time limits to use the bonus bet?

  • What amount is the bonus bet for? For example, a 200% matched bonus up to $1,000 means you should deposit $500 to get the maximum amount. Depositing more will not get you any extra bonus.

Streaming Quality

High-quality video streams will make you feel like you're in the room with the dealer and other players. The action is real—real cards with a real dealer in an actual location. 

The best online casinos offer top video and sound quality for streaming their live dealer games.


When choosing a casino site, you want to find one with quick deposits and withdrawals, as well as minimum fees. You should never have to worry about your money transactions. A reputable casino site will make depositing and withdrawing money go as smoothly as possible.

Device Compatibility

The beauty of playing live blackjack is that you can play on the move. It's convenient to stream games on your tablet or mobile device. For this reason, look for mobile-friendly casino websites.

Online Blackjack Live Dealers FAQ

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We understand that live online gambling might be new to you. Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to playing live dealer blackjack.

Can you win money while playing live dealer blackjack?

  • Yes! It is the same as playing in a regular casino. That's part of what makes the game so exciting. There is no free play in live dealer games. To play, you must deposit real money.

Can you beat the dealer in live dealer blackjack?

  • The online casino has a statistical edge over the player! Learning strategies and making moves based on your cards and the dealer's cards will help you make lower this edge lower. Always play for fun and know your limits.

What is the best live dealer blackjack casino?

What is the worst strategy for live blackjack?

  • If you're playing for fun, there is no bad strategy. If you want to improve your game, you can learning basic strategy. This means you learn the right play when hitting, splitting, doubling and standing against the dealer. Also, your game will improve when you learn when to take insurance against a dealers Ace.

What's the minimum bet at a live dealer blackjack table?

  • The minimum bet will vary depending on the casino and table you choose. 

Start Playing Live Dealer Blackjack in the United States

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There's a reason live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the US and globally. It's a perfect balance of strategy and luck, and you can win big if you get a bit of luck.

To fully enjoy your experience, you must choose the best casinos with high-quality games. Blackjack Pal lists casinos that meet our benchmark standards.