Discover Casino Monte-Carlo: One of Monaco's Most Amazing Casinos for Blackjack

Want to discover Casino Monte-Carlo? If so, it's truly one of Monaco's most amazing casinos. To learn more, read on now!

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Casino de Monte-Carlo
Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monaco may be the  second smallest country  in the world, but it's big on glamor and luxurious appeal.

The Casino Monte-Carlo is no exception. It's far more than a place to just play blackjack. This classic belle epoque building is best-known for its multiple appearances in the James Bond movies, having featured in both Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. 

It's always been a playground of the rich and famous, thanks to its exquisite location on the French Riviera and gorgeous, glamorous appeal. 

Here's why you need to put this magnificent destination on your casino travel to-do list sometime soon. 

The Glorious History of Casino Monte-Carlo

Casino Monte-Carlo Exterior Casino Monte-Carlo Exterior

It's hard to believe that Monte Carlo was once a  tiny almost bankrupt town , ruled by a family desperate to find a way to fill their coffers.

The idea of building a casino, to help fund their city came about in 1850, but they were unable to accumulate funds needed to continue operating the casino after it's construction. In 1857, Pierre Auguste Daval took over the task of making this bold plan come to fruition and he relocated the casino to its present location, opening its doors in 1863.

Unfortunately, Daval was equally unsuccessful at turning a profit, and the task of running the casino fell to François Blanc, of Bad Homburg casino-fame. He placed the casino in the hands of the  Societe des Bains de Mer  and Blanc managed to raise 15 million francs to improve and expand the casino. 

By 1878, two renowned architects began work on expanding the existing casino and by the time the 20th century rolled around,

the once-obscure Monte Carlo casino was home to the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo as well as the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo.

Ever since, it's served as one of the primary sources of wealth for Monaco's economy and is now one of the most lavish entertainment venues in the world. 

Visiting Casino Monte-Carlo

Casino Monte-Carlo Interior Casino Monte-Carlo Interior

With its classic exterior architecture and lavish interiors, Casino Monte-Carlo is the epitome of gaming luxury from it's gilt-encrusted ceilings and walls to its plush carpets and highly polished floors. You'll find all the usual table games here as well as video poker, and slots. 

François Blanc's famed for uttering, “We should do nothing here as it's done elsewhere”, with regard to Casino Monte-Carlo, and he's certainly made his words come to fruition. 

There are several venues designed for your enjoyment at this prestigious casino, namely:

  • Salle Médecin events venue.

  • Salle Europe for gaming tables.

  • Salle des Amériques for slots.

  • Salle Blanche - an exclusive gaming room.

  • Salle Renaissance slots room.

  • Salles Touzet table games rooms.

The Café de la Rotonde is on hand to keep you fuelled with cocktails and snacks throughout your visit to this exciting  casino travel  destination. 

Surprisingly, most of these venues allow casual dress, except for Salle Europe, where you're required to wear smart attire after 7 pm.

You'll pay an entry fee of £17 on arrival at the casino which includes vouchers for both gaming as well as dining. 

Other Things to Do in Monaco

The attractions in Monaco don't end with the casino though, thanks to this fine institution, Monaco's become one the most affluent places in the world. You'll find plenty to amaze and delight you in this part of the world, including:

The Palais du Prince

Palais du Prince de Monaco Palais du Prince de Monaco

Take a look at how the other half lives with a tour of Monaco's royal residence . Guided tours to the palace take place when the prince is out of town and cost €10. If the flag's flying in the main tower, it means Prince Albert II's at home. 

During your visit, you'll get to see the Italianate-style gallery, the Blue Room, the Throne Room, and a Palatine Chapel. 

The Musée Oceanographique

Don't miss the chance to visit one of the oldest aquariums in the world, which houses 6,000 marine creatures in its Tropical Aquarium, Shark Lagoon, interactive Touch Tank, and Mediterranean Aquarium.

The Musée Oceanographique opened in 1910 after it took eleven years to build the foundations that stop this towering building from toppling into the seas. 

One of the main exhibits is a collection of scientific items collected on an expedition undertaken by Prince Albert I and the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The tickets to the aquarium cost €16. Check out this videoturysta youtube video to get a better look at the aquarium.

Larvotto Beach

If you're lucky you could be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous at Monaco's only public beach. Here you can laze in the sunshine admiring the spectacular ocean views, or bathe, jet-ski and kayak in the waters. 

Nets protect swimmers from jellyfish and other ocean denizens. 

Opera de Monte Carlo

The Opera de Monte Carlo's part of the casino complex and is every bit as luxurious. Red and gold decor greets you as you enter to admire the frescoes and sculptures here.

Opera singers, ballet dancers, and other musicians take to the stage regularly at this popular venue, and entrance's reserved for ticketholders only. 

Monaco Naval Museum

The Monaco Naval Museum enchants with its displays of over 250 model ships and gorgeous views over the marina. Opened in 1990, the museum also features several items donated by Prince Rainer III from his private collection. 

Roman ships, Viking longboats, Spanish Galleons, and a model of the Titanic are just some of the displays you'll get to enjoy here.

Tickets are a steal at just £4. 

Jardin Exotique

Jardin Exotique view of Port de Fontvieille in Monaco Jardin Exotique view of Port de Fontvieille in Monaco

This lovely garden sits high on a bluff just outside town and boasts a collection of over 7,000 plants from all over the planet.

The views over the sea are gorgeous from here and you can also explore the Observatory Cave bedecked with stalagmites and stalactites. 

Tickets cost €7.20 and give you access to the gardens, the cave, and the  Prehistoric Anthropologic Museum

Monaco Harbor

Monaco Harbor lingers at the foot of Monaco's cliffs and constantly filled with cruise ships and super-luxurious yachts, including the Prince's main yacht. 

Take a walk around and admire these amazing vessels, or pop in for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants boasting wonderful views over the water. 

Blackjack at Casino Monte-Carlo

Whether live online blackjack is allowed or not in Monaco, will be cover in future articles. As for the casino, it certainly is for visitors.

The casino offers a standard game with minimum bets of 25 Euros. They offer a standard game with the following variations:

  • Double-down - after the two cards are dealt to the player, they can double their original bet and can have only one additional card dealt to them.

  • Split Pair - after the two cards are dealt to the player, they can split the cards if they are a pair. Each card is then dealt another card and the hands are played individually. An additional bet is required for the new hand. You may increase your bet up to three games. Aces are only allowed one additional card per game. 21 in this situation is not considered a Black jack.

  • Insurance - This is allowed when the dealer has an ace. This bet must be no more than half the original bet. If the dealer gets a 10, the insurance is paid 2 to 1.

  • Spoken Bets - Forbidden.

Discover the World's Finest Casinos

Casino Monte-Carlo bedazzles every visitor with its classy interiors, authentic 19th-century architecture, and superior service. Yet, it's only one of the supremely luxurious destinations on offer to traveling gamblers.

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