Marina Bay Sands: Come for the Blackjack, Stay for the Relaxation and Entertainment

Planning the ultimate vacation this summer? Explore all of the amazing things Singapore has to offer including Marina Bay Sands Singapore casino.

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Merlion statue with Marina Bay Sands in background.
Merlion statue with Marina Bay Sands in background.

Over  half of Singapore's residents and visitors participate in the country's luxury gambling industry. However, almost everyone stays for the accommodation and entertainment that make it one of the most popular destinations in the world. 

One of those amazing places you must see is Marina Bay Sands Singapore Casino and its surrounding center business district. 

Read on to find out all the things to do in Singapore while staying at Bay Sands. 

The Infinity Pool

The first thing you will notice at this Singapore casino is the 150-meter long rooftop pool that stretches along 3 of the hotel's 57-floor skyscrapers.

From a distance, the pool looks like a futuristic ship that has fallen from the sky and landed perfectly on top of the hotel. 

To get to the pool you will need your room key to access the level. This makes it exclusively for guests of the hotel. 

Once you walk onto the roof, the skyline of the city surrounds you to offer the most amazing views. Then as you emerge yourself into the invisible-edge pool you will melt into the scenery.

The best time to visit the infinity pool is at dusk to catch a glorious sunset as the city lights up. Then relax among the palm-tree hidden oasis. Or venture to the other side of the deck for a soak in an isolated hot tub. 

Opening at 6 a.m., the pool is the perfect hotspot for a morning recharge by glimpsing the sunrise up over the quiet metropolis. 

Gardens By the Bay 

Gardens by the bay. Gardens by the bay.

Since you chose to visit Bay Sands, you have the advantage of taking a short 10-minute walk to the next attraction: Gardens By the Bay.

Built in 2007, the garden's grounds now stretches 101 hectares displaying a mecca of garden greenery for a city retreat. It's not just the flora that makes this park special. The technology and innovation of the garden make it one-of-a-kind.

One section called Floral Fantasy immerses you in a whimsical display of hanging flowers and bright-green pathways. If the 3D display isn't enough to have you thinking you are in a dream then try the 4D experience.

The theater takes you on a mimicked flight of a dragonfly through the actual gardens, making your dreams reality. 

Climb the garden's supertrees to view the observation deck that wraps around man-made canopies. Reach the 25 and 50 meter trees or walk the skyway to catch the illuminating light show synced to exhilarating music. 

The list of must-see wonder goes on including the cloud forest: a dome shrouded in mist that parts to reveal stunning vegetation and a backdrop of mountain peaks. 

Be sure to bring your children to explore the interactive, educational garden filled with water play and obstacle courses.

ArtScience Center

ArtScience Center. ArtScience Center.

One of the most fun things to do in Singapore while at the Marina Bay Sands is to visit the hotel's ArtScience Center Future World exhibit. 

Whether you are playing at one of the Sands 500 table games or playing a  live dealer blackjack  game in your room, take a break to check out this wondrous display of digitized hands-on fun. 

Try the Proliferating Immense Life, an installation that displays the growth of large flowers.

The flowers may be digital but they react to human movement. Stay still to see them bloom to perfection or touch them to watch them scatter. 

Next, Japanese art meets the climate crisis with a depiction of 100 years of changing sea levels. This art is meant to inform and incite. 

Another art piece transcends time and space as its name, Transcending Boundaries, implies. Watch as the digital art leaps off its canvas to embody physical space, freeing itself from its confines. 

This museum is great for kids to light up their imagination. They can draw sea creatures and watch them come to life in a digital aquarium, build a community of connecting roads and river ways using giant blocks and projecting transportation, and create musical notes by making their own art. 

Pulau Ubin Island

A wooden boardwalk in a natural untouched mangrove forest in Pulau Ubin, Singapore. A wooden boardwalk in a natural untouched mangrove forest in Pulau Ubin, Singapore.

Singapore might be  one of the richest places on earth as seen by the upscale Singapore casino hotel presence, but there are exciting things to do that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Take a 10-minute ride on a classic bumboat to be transported back in time where the Singapore skyscrapers and cars didn't exist. This is the uniqueness of Pulau Ubin Island, an old granite quarry that closed in the 1970s. Most residents left during this time so that now only about 50 people live there.

The lack of people makes it a haven for wildlife to inhabit the 6 various ecosystems, including the 100-hectare Chek Jawa Wetlands. Walk the boardwalk to visit the old quarry now transformed into a magnificent lake. 

Paths are rigid and still in development, so the best way to travel is by bike, which will only cost $5 a day. The boat ride will set you back $2 and some fresh seafood by the shore will be a modest $7. 

This has to be the least expensive day trips in all of Singapore and maybe the most rewarding. 

There might not be a Singapore beach resort to check into but you will get a taste of life before modernization. 

Blackjack at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Casino

As you can see the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Casino offers much more than a game of blackjack. Its surrounding city center is also a hotspot for futuristic and historical site seeing. 

If you do decide to try your luck at the tables, one unique Blackjack game they offer is called Blackjack Lucky 8 . Basically, you can make an additional side bet and win if the following combos of cards are given to you:

  • Any three card winning combination formed using the Player’s initial 2 cards and the Dealer’s initial card.

  • Any two card winning combination formed using the Player’s initial 2 cards.

  • Any two card winning combination formed using one of the Player’s initial 2 cards and the Dealer’s initial card.

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