Experience Casino Baden-Baden: The World's Most Beautiful Gambling Destination

Serving gambling enthusiasts for 200 years, explore the rich and exquisite history of Casino Baden-Baden - one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.

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Florentiner Saal. Photo credit: Torben Beeg.
Florentiner Saal. Photo credit: Torben Beeg.

Every year,  throngs of tourists  head to Germany during the summertime with many of them making a beeline for Baden-Baden for a few nights of their stay.  

Baden-Baden has it all - mild weather, warm mineral waters, abundant sports, and rich history. It's also a top casino destination for those who love their luxuries. 

Here's the lowdown on Casino Baden-Baden, Germany's oldest, and best-known blackjack destination. 

The Fascinating History of Casino Baden-Baden

Kurhaus Baden-Baden Kurhaus Baden-Baden

From the moment you enter these beautiful spaces, you'll know that Casino Baden-Baden boasts a rich history.

For nearly 200 years, the casino's been a place where the rich and famous gather to play after luxurious days spent in the well-established spa city of Baden-Baden.

Marlene Dietrich dubbed it the most beautiful casino in the world.

Fyodor Dostoevsky immortalized it in his book, The Gambler, which he wrote to pay off the debts he accumulated at these tables. 

Thanks to its resort feel and hot spas, Baden-Baden soon became the go-to place for wealthy spring and summer vacationers across the world.  In its heyday, it was truly the summer capital of Europe where royalty and movie stars alike came to play. 

No doubt it's still one of the best casinos in the world, especially if you prefer a more genteel way of doing things. 

More Than a Blackjack Destination

Roter Saal. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg. Roter Saal. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg.

Casino Baden-Baden doubles as a living museum to its grandiose history, and it's a good idea to take one of the guided tours between 10:00 am and 12:45 pm. Times vary according to the season, so check before you arrive. Better yet, book your tour in advance. 

As you walk through these hallowed hallways, you'll get a better sense of the lofted ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and gilt-edged-everything that make up these ornate spaces.  

At 2 pm the show gets on the road when guests arrive to try their luck at the live table games. Again, table opening times vary, so check with the casino before you arrive. The experience of playing in such an amazing venue is far better than playing online with a live dealer .

Wintergarten. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg. Wintergarten. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg.

There is an elegant bistro, restaurant, and bar to keep you refreshed and refueled while you play. Club Bernstein is where the well-heeled gather to let their hair down and dance the night away in sophisticated style.

The fun continues until the wee hours of the morning - until 2 am on weekdays, and 3:30 am on weekend nights. Please note that due to COVID-19, the opening time varies. For current information please check with the casino.

If you want to join in, you need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid a passport or ID document. The dress code is 'smart' so men have to wear a jacket. A shirt and a tie are desired, however not compulsory. If you don't have one with you, you can buy a shirt on arrival and hire a jacket at the Casino Réception. 

The entry fee is €5 and you pay for your drinks, although tipping isn't expected. 

Baden Baden Attractions

Baden Baden casino isn't the only historic site you'll find in the fascinating city of Baden Baden. Don't miss these other exciting things to do in Baden Baden during your visit:

Caracalla Spa

Street view of Caracalla Spa Street view of Caracalla Spa

The Romans came across the twelve thermal spas of Baden Baden over 2,000 years ago and today visitors from around the globe flock here to enjoy the 800,000 liters of warm spring water that burst forth here every day.

No visit to Baden Baden is complete without immersing yourself in these warm healing pools . You can also enjoy the rock grotto, steam baths, and saltwater inhalation rooms, or head outdoors to the marble pools, whirlpools, current channel, or sheltered sunbathing area. 

A full access day pass to the spa costs €27 but you can buy a ticket for as little as an hour and a half if preferred.

Museum Frieder Burda

View the world-famous collections of 1,000s of pieces of Germany's finest artworks. All the pieces hail from the personal collection of Herr Burda, who wanted everyone to enjoy his cherished masterpieces. 

This large modern building is a piece of art in itself, blending seamlessly into outdoor exhibition spaces and lush gardens.

The exhibits change frequently and you can buy a combination ticket to visit the neighboring Staatliche Kunsthalle at the same time.

There's always something new to admire and appreciate as well as regular art workshops on the go at this top Baden Baden attraction. 

Hohenbaden Castle

Castle Ruins Castle Ruins

This 12th-century edifice towers over the Black Forest fringes of Baden Baden and is an interesting place to explore during your visit to this resort town. 

Once inhabited by the powerful margraves of Baden, these towers stood as a fortress over their lands while they occupied the 100 rooms contained within its walls. During the 15th century, Margrave Christoph I built a new extension to the castle, leaving the old portion as a widow residence.

The old castle suffered heavy damages from a fire in 1599 and only welcomed it's first visitors again 250 years later. Find out more about the fascinating early days of Baden Baden on guided tours of this grand old castle. 

Access is free on weekdays from 12am and on weekends from 10 am.

Faberge Museum

If you like your eggs sparkly and ornate, you'll love this showcase of Faberge's finest works . The museum contains over 1,500 items made by Fabergé, including a rare rabbit-shaped decanter and the Karelian Birch egg.

If these glittering treasures aren't enough, you'll also get to see a collection of over 100 items fashioned from gold by various civilizations from as early as 6 B.C.

The entry fee for the museum is €18.

When you've had your fill of sightseeing, don't miss the chance to sample some of the town's fine Riesling wine, or visit a Biergarten for some festive German cheer. 

Blackjack at Casino Baden-Baden

Salon Pompadour. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg. Salon Pompadour. Photo Credit: Torben Beeg.

Casino Baden-Baden offers a standard blackjack game . There are 7 tables with a minimum bet of 5 Euros and a maximum bet of 1000 Euros for the higher rollers out there.

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